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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of neutralization theory?

What is neutralization theory? Neutralization theory was developed as means for explaining how criminal offenders engage in rule-breaking activity while negating their culpability, or blame. This contrasts other theories regarding criminal behavior.

What does technique of neutralization mean in sociology?

The techniques of neutralization are a set of psychological and social processes that enable people to commit crimes without remorse and offer them the opportunity to have some control over their life. The term was coined by sociologist Edwin Lemert, and it is widely used in criminology.

What are the roles of theories in sociology?

Theory helps us select which facts are important and which are not. Theory also allows us to organize the facts. Theory helps us create a story and tell which the dependent is and which the independent variable is. Theory points us to what we don’t know, which is the point of all the research in sociology. Theory also allows different concepts of sociology to talk to each other, and that allows sociology to progress.

What is conflict theory in sociology examples?

Conflict theory is rooted in the idea that conflict naturally exists among groups as they compete for resources and power. Assumptions of conflict theory include competition, structural inequality, revolution and war. Some examples of conflict theory include pay inequalities between groups and inequalities in the justice and educational systems ...

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