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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix’s 360 degree review process work?

Despite ditching formal evaluations for the 360 degree review process being bold enough, Netflix makes the reviews public. In fact, employees are encouraged to give one another blunt feedback with the purpose to provide ongoing opportunities for improvement.

What is the difference between a 360-degree review and 360 feedback?

A 360-degree review is not necessarily the same thing as a 360-degree feedback. The difference is in how the results are used within the company.

What are 360360s at Netflix?

360s are separate from compensation reviews, which are held later in the year. Insiders said the feedback you receive during 360s — or any of time of year — can impact your career at Netflix if it's not taken seriously.

Are 360s at Netflix nerve wracking?

Another former employee who had a long tenure at Netflix said 360s are nerve wracking at first, but not after you get accustomed to them. The 360s are separate from annual compensation reviews at Netflix, which usually occur later in the year, around October or November.

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