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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the speed of nerve impulse?

Speed of Nerve Impulses. But other messages, like some kinds of pain signals travel much more slowly. If you stub your toe, you feel the pressure right away because touch signals travel at 250 feet per second. But you won't feel the pain for another two or three seconds, because pain signals generally travel an only two feet per second.".

How do pain signals travel through the nervous system?

The signal travels more quickly in larger axons, and quickest of all when a nerve has a myelin sheath. The A-delta fibre is large and myelinated, and pain signals travel very quickly along this - providing us with “first pain” - an immediate, sharp painful sensation at the time of injury.

What is the role of nerves in pain?

The Role of Nerves in Identifying Pain Sensations. Different sensory nerve fibers respond to different things and produce different chemical responses which determine how sensations are interpreted. Some nerves send signals associated with light touch, while others respond to deep pressure.

What happens to an impulse in the spinal cord?

Now, an impulse is heading through the nerve into the spinal cord, and eventually all the way to your brain. This happens within fractions of a second. Your spinal cord is a complex array of bundles of nerves, transmitting all kinds of signals to and from the brain at any given time. It is a lot like a freeway for sensory and motor impulses.

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