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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do nerve impulses travel?

Nerve impulses travel through nerve fibers, and the speed of which they travel depends on the type of nerve fiber. They travel usually around 86 miles per hour.

What happens during a nerve impulse?

A nerve impulse is an electrical signal that travels along an axon. There is an electrical difference between the inside of the axon and its surroundings, like a tiny battery. When the nerve is activated, there is a sudden change in the voltage across the wall of the axon, caused by the movement of ions in and out of the neuron.

What is the direction of nerve impulse?

A Nerve electrical impulse only travels in one direction. There are several reasons nerve impulses only travel in one direction. The most important is synaptic transport. In order for a "nerve impulse" to pass from cell to cell, it must cross synaptic junctions.

What is the pathway of nerve impulses?

A nerve impulse is the way nerve cells (neurons) communicate with one another. Nerve impulses are mostly electrical signals along the dendrites to produce a nerve impulse or action potential. The action potential is the result of ions moving in and out of the cell. Specifically, it involves potassium (K+) and sodium (Na+) ions.

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