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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the NCAA financial reports come from?

Those numbers come from budgets that schools submit annually through the NCAA’s Membership Financial Report System, and which have been gathered in Sportico’s Intercollegiate Finances Database. In the recruiting category, schools are instructed to report expenses for “transportation, lodging and meals for prospective student-athletes and institu...

Is the ACC in favor of College Football Playoff?

ACC commissioner Jim Phillips spoke with reporters on Friday, telling them that the conference is not in favor of expanding the College Football Playoffs. "The membership of the ACC is very much aligned in its position that now is not the time to expand the College Football Playoff," he explained.

Who is the Commissioner of the ACC Football Conference?

Commissioner Jim Phillips said Friday that the conference was united in its opposition to expansion of the four-team format. Postseason expansion progress has slowed considerably since the playoff floated the idea of an eight or 12-team format this summer. And opposition like the ACC's is a big reason why.

Is the Atlantic Coast Conference expanding the College Football Playoff?

The Atlantic Coast Conference feels this is not the right time to expand the College Football Playoff and Clemson is right in front of this stance.

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