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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kelly Beamsley deserve more credit for her success?

I've been in the Reserves 10 years (after 7 active), and Kelly Beamsley probably deserves more credit for my success than any other single person in the Navy. (And I'm only somewhat kidding).

What is the Order of the seaman recruit Beamsley positions?

Seaman Recruit Beamsley is in charge of N1 ADMIN. Seaman Apprentice Beamsley is in charge of J2 INTEL. Seaman Beamsley is in charge of N3 OPS. Petty Officer Third Class Beamsley is in charge of N4 LOGISTICS. Petty Officer Second Class Beamsley is in charge of N5 PLANS & STRATEGY. Ensign Beamsley is in charge of N6 IT.

Who is XO who directly reports to Lt Beamsley?

Lieutenant Commander Beamsley is XO who directly reports to… Retired Lieutenant Commander Beamsley…Who knows that Seaman Recruit Beamsley is really in charge of this entire website;) See the BEAMSLEY section.

What is a FTS in the Navy Reserves?

Full-Time Support (FTS) – These are designated Reservists who perform full-time Active Duty service that relates to the training and administration of the Navy Reserve program. They may be assigned to shore activities and commands or operational units.

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