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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a naturalization certificate?

You can apply for a copy of the naturalization certificate by filing Form N-565 with the USCIS. How much does it cost to replace naturalization certificate? $555. If you file your Form N-565 online, you may pay your fee online.

Who needs a certificate of naturalization?

issued to a person born outside the United States who derived or acquired U.S. citizenship through a U.S. citizen parent; or • Naturalization Certificate, issued to a person who became a U.S. citizen after 18 years of age through the naturalization process.

Do I need a naturalization certificate?

You don’t need a naturalization certificate: that, like a US birth certificate or a certificate of citizenship, is a document that establishes your citizenship in the first place. Once you have a passport, it’s ALL you need to prove that you are a citizen.

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