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Frequently Asked Questions

Does NATO SOFA include the Partnership for peace?

For the purpose of the Present Agreement, references in the NATO SOFA to the North Atlantic Treaty area shall be deemed also to include the territories referred to in paragraph 1 of the present Article, and references to the North Atlantic Treaty shall be deemed to include the Partnership for Peace.

What are RHCA and NATO/PfP SOFA?

RHCA and NATO/PfP nations. IMS and authorized dependents from nations with either a RHCA or NATO/PfP SOFA require supplemental commercial healthcare insurance or indemnification by their government for medical services not covered under the RHCA or NATO/PfP SOFA. Commercial healthcare insurance policies procured by the IMS.

What is the status of Forces Agreement in NATO?

Partnership for Peace Status of Forces Agreement. The Partnership for Peace (PfP) Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is a multilateral agreement between NATO member states and countries participating in the PfP programme. It deals with the status of foreign forces while present on the territory of another state.

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