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Frequently Asked Questions

Does nationwide offer health insurance?

No, Nationwide no longer offers Health insurance for individuals. The company does offer specialty accident coverage plans under the "Group Protector" program, however, for amateur sports teams, camp and conference programs, ROTC/JROTC, Auxiliary police and fire, special events, travel, recreation activities, youth groups, and others.

Does nationwide offer renters insurance?

Nationwide doesn’t offer renters insurance plans in every state, but most of the U.S. can take advantage of the company’s services, which enables you to customize a policy in order to get the exact amount of coverage that you need.

Does nationwide have home insurance?

Nationwide Insurance provides home and auto insurance for clients across the country. Nationwide is not an InsuraMatch verified carrier. Contact InsuraMatch to receive multiple quotes from insurance companies to find the right carrier for you.

What is nationwide health insurance plan?

Whether your goal is maintaining good health, participating in league sports or traveling around the world, health and medical insurance should be a top priority. Nationwide offers a variety of supplemental health insurance, general liability, group accident medical and travel insurance benefits to support your everyday needs.

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