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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nashville Indiana?

Nashville Indiana is an historic artists colony located in the mystical blue hills of Brown County Indiana. Home to The Little Nashville Opry, Brown County Playhouse, Brown County State Park, The Wedding Loft Chapel & Ski World, Nashville Indiana is THE family vacation spot in Indiana. Every Season is Special in Nashville Indiana

What is Nashville Indiana known for?

The quaint village of Nashville is a great place for a romantic getaway, with hundreds of unique craft, specialty & antique shops, Visitors enjoy watching artists in galleries and craft studios throughout Brown County Indiana. Brown County is known as the "artist colony of the midwest". And, we have great FIREWORKS!

What are the best things to do in Nashville?

Things to Do in Nashville. 1 1. Brown County State Park. 827 Parks Open now By ericf756. 2 2. Hard Truth Distilling Co. 261 Distilleries By KathyHearne. 3 3. Bear Wallow Distillery. 111 Distilleries By sims948. 4 4. Brown County Winery. 180 Wineries & Vineyards By gabgab133. 5 5. Yellowwood State Forest. 59 Forests By pharmacist77. More items

Is Nashville the Smokies of Indiana?

They say that Brown County is the Smokies of Indiana. If that is true then Nashville is a small Gatlinburg; lots of little kitchy shops to draw the tourists in, but nothing to really want to make them spend their money. Some of the specialty food offerings may appeal to younger kids, or younger generation in general.

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