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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nara approved records schedule?

One-Time Use NARA Approved Records Schedules These are records schedules normally to legally transfer permanent records to the National Archives and Records Administration. This record schedule is normally used one time to facilitate the legal transfer and never used again. This section will contain these schedules.

What is the record disposition for superseded Records in Nara?

NOTE:NARA allows the agency to set this records schedule. It was determined by 10b4, 10a7 and OGC that these records need to have its disposition extended from destroy when superseded to 7 years. Temporary. Cutoff after CY superseded or cancelled.

When to dispose of Records approved by Nara for destruction?

These records have been approved by NARA for destruction after they have been retained for the amount of time specified in the RCS. Once this time requirement has been met, the records must be disposed of promptly. Note: This disposition is for the record itself and not copies of the record.

Are some records covered by other record control schedules?

Some records are covered by other Record Control Schedules. Some examples, 1) when a researcher used the CPRS medical record or makes an entry in the medical record for research purposes the medical record is still covered under the schedule for Health Information Management Service (see VHA RCS 10-1, Section XLIII.

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