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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the records management training program?

The Records Management Training Program provides five services that support records management training performed by Federal agencies. Our Training Materials Catalog contains most of the training materials that we develop, including all of the new online lessons that are part of the new training curriculum that we call Curriculum 2.0.

Are there any older course materials available from Nara?

These are older course materials that are no longer maintained by NARA. You may still find the course content is helpful for delivering training in your agency. Learn more about ReMIS and how to contact us. PDF files require the free Adobe Reader.

Can I take records management training on my own schedule?

In 2020, the Records Management Training Program ended its in-person workshops and moved to an all-online, self-paced format. Now, you can take our records management training on your own schedule, for free. Our Online Learning page Online Lessons gives you access to all of the training lessons we have developed.

How can I suggest new records management topics and training?

If you would like to suggest new topics and training products, send your ideas to [email protected] We host webinars on records management topics that are of interest to Federal records managers. Please send your requests for webinars about specific topics to [email protected]

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