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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Nara approved retentions and cutoffs?

Only NARA approved retentions may be used and they are included in the DLA Records Schedule and will be published and released by the ARO. 1-105 Disposition and Cutoff Instructions. Cutoffs are part of the disposition instructions and clarify when a record is cutoff or when no new information can be added to a case file (i.e.,

What happens to the Records after they are retained?

Records with historical value, identified as “permanent,” are transferred to the National Archives of the United States at the end of their retention period. All other records are identified as “temporary” and are eventually destroyed in accordance with the NARA Records Schedule or the General Records Schedule.

What records are excluded from NARA records?

Exclusion: Records concerning a historically significant structure or other stewardship assets (for instance, the structure appears on the National Register of Historic Places), and not authorized for disposal. Agencies must submit a records schedule to NARA to cover these records or apply an existing schedule. FROM AGENY’S FINANCIAL STATEMENT.

What happens after the schedule is approved by Nara?

After the schedule is approved, NARA maintains the original (a permanent record) and posts a copy to the web.

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