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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NARA records schedule and why is it important?

The NARA Records Schedule provides mandatory instructions (“disposition instructions”) to all NARA staff regarding how to maintain the agency’s operational records and what to do with them when they are no longer needed for current business.

What is the record disposition for superseded Records in Nara?

NOTE:NARA allows the agency to set this records schedule. It was determined by 10b4, 10a7 and OGC that these records need to have its disposition extended from destroy when superseded to 7 years. Temporary. Cutoff after CY superseded or cancelled.

What is a Nara authorized program?

programs or applications that are developed by the agency or under its direction solely to use or maintain a master file or database authorized for disposal in a GRS item or a NARA-approved records schedule. EXCLUSION 1

How do I report a record to Nara?

Permanent and unscheduled records in VHA custody must be reported through the VHA Records Management Office to NARA. Permanent (archival) records are defined as records appraised by NARA to have sufficient historical value or other value to warrant permanent preservation at the NARA.

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