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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NACTO urban street design guide?

The NACTO Urban Street Design Guide charts the design principles and strategies that cities are adopting to confront 21st Century demands on their streets. It is based on the fundamental idea that streets are spaces for people as well as arteries for traffic.

How much did slow streets cost the city of Oakland?

According to a city spokesperson, the city’s transportation department, OakDOT, had spent approximately $160,000 on material costs for the program by the middle of September. Today, Slow Streets can be found in each City Council district in Oakland, from 104th Avenue in East Oakland to the Berkeley border.

What are slow streets and why do they matter?

The hope was that Slow Streets could help people get outside without clustering in a handful of public places. Russo also noted that people cooped up at home were disrupting traffic patterns on a micro scale. “People all over Oakland are walking and biking in streets that they normally would not,” he said.

Did oakdot’s ‘Slow Street’ program cause this crash in Oakland?

While OPD logged the collision as occurring on a designated Slow Street, OakDOT told The Oaklandside that the crash “was investigated and was not determined to be related” to the program. “We are deeply saddened that this project didn’t come soon enough to prevent this crash from happening in the first place,” the department said in a statement.

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