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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sharrows and shared lane markings?

Shared lane markings provide guidance to users regarding expected bicyclist riding position. Shared Lane Markings (SLMs), or “sharrows,” are road markings used to indicate a shared lane environment for bicycles and automobiles.

What is the NACTO urban bikeway design guide?

Since the publication of the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide, NACTO has released additional intersection design guidance. A combined bike lane/turn lane places a suggested bike lane within the inside portion of a dedicated motor vehicle turn lane.

When are shared lane markings not a preferred treatment on streets?

On streets with posted 35 mph speeds or faster and motor vehicle volumes higher than 3,000 vpd shared lane markings are not a preferred treatment. On these streets other bikeway types are preferred.

What is the purpose of a shared lane?

To fill a gap in an otherwise continuous bike path or bike lane, generally for a short distance. To transition bicyclists across traffic lanes or from conventional bike lanes or cycle tracks to a shared lane environment. To direct bicyclists along circuitous routes.

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