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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PG&E have a benefits program?

Welcome! PG&E is pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits program to help you take care of your physical, emotional and financial health. This website contains everything you need to know about PG&E’s benefits programs and related policies. Start exploring and begin building a better you!

How do I Find my PG&E account number?

Start entering your PG&E service address, then select the address in the dropdown. Choose to provide mobile number, email address or last payment amount. We've sent you an email containing your account number (s).

What is PG&[email protected] for me on the Internet?

PG&[email protected] for Me on the Internet is your self-service tool to view and manage personal information, and find details about pay and benefits programs at any time from any computer. An Internet Explorer browser version 5.5, 6.0 or 7.0 is required to log on to and use PG&[email protected] for Me on the Internet.

How do I contact PG&E corporate sustainability?

Update your contact information online or call 1-866-743-6589. PG&E's Corporate Sustainability Report brings our partnerships and our commitment to sustainability to life. Learn how we're building a better PG&E. Opens in new Window. Opens in new Window.

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