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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Reset my Marriott password challenge password?

Step 1: Access Marriott Password Challenge x26gt;x26gt;. Step 2: Select the Reset Password function to answer your security questions and change your password. Step 3: Once you have successfully changed your password close all active browser sessions, open a new browser window and re-enter the URL you wish to access.

How do I Reset my Password for multiple accounts?

Email or Member Number Multiple accounts? Use your member number to reset your password. Look up member number.

How do I contact the Marriott help desk?

Need further assistance? Contact the Marriott help desk (240) 632-6000 or [email protected]

Why do I need to change my password?

Your immediate action is required. In a continuing effort to safeguard your account, we are requiring you to change your password. We recommend that you create a password that is unique to this site to help ensure the security of your account.

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