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Frequently Asked Questions

What does muxe stand for?

In Zapotec cultures of Oaxaca (southern Mexico), a muxe (also spelled muxhe; [muʃeʔ]) is an assigned male at birth individual who dresses and behaves in ways otherwise associated with the female gender; they may be seen as a third gender.

Who are the muxes?

The Muxes (pronounced mu-shay), a recognized third gender among the Zapotec people in Oaxaca, maintain traditional dress, the Zapotec language, and other cultural traditions that are less prevalent among the broader Zapotec community.

What is it like being a MUX?

Some muxes are so beautiful that (drunk or sober) it’s hard to tell them apart from biological women. The concept is evolving. Some muxes chose to live fulltime as women, while others have a more nuanced and fluctuating gender identity.

What is Muxe in Zapotec culture?

Muxe and gender in Zapotec culture. In contrast to Mexico's majority mestizo culture, the isthmus of Oaxaca has a predominantly Zapotec population, and it is widely reported that there is less hostility toward muxe in the region than what homosexual, effeminate males, and trans women face in other regions of the country.

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