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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for growing a mustache?

Ensure your mustache is a well-groomed one and not overly long, overly bushy, or thick (mustache and beard trimmers can help with this goal). Use mustache wax to hold loose or unruly hairs in place. Groom and brush your mustache regularly, as you would with your beard.

What are some popular mustache styles?

Since the early 20th century, the most modern and popular mustache type is Handlebar. It is a better choice for the full mustache and looks really dashing with the full beard. Mustache wax can be used for doing the twirl. It’s an easy type of mustache and is a famous mustache of Freddy Mercury.

What is the purpose of a mustache?

A man's mustache is sacred. Throughout generations, a hairy upper lip has long been a defining symbol of masculinity. Some of the greatest men in history sported a 'stache, whether people liked it or not. That's the thing about mustaches: you either love it or hate it.

What is the origin of the mustache?

Thin long mustache, which curves upwards, was created by the famous artist, whom it is named after. Salvador Dali was well known for his mustache style. Twisted to needle-sharp points, his style required patience and perseverance to achieve. You will need to train your mustache so that it grows out long enough to play with.

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