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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do starlings flock in Murmurations?

The European or common starling, like many birds, forms groups called flocks when foraging for food or migrating. But a murmuration is different. This special kind of flock is named for the sound of a low murmur it makes from thousands of wingbeats and soft flight calls.

Are starlings the only birds that Murmuration?

The term murmuration technically refers to any birds that gather in hundreds or thousands to fly in the same direction together. Starlings are not the only birds that make murmurations. Robins, raptors, geese, dunlins, and flamingos all do this, although these birds, unlike starlings, will fly in a V-shaped formation rather than complex shapes.

Why do birds like birdbaths?

Why do birds like to take baths? When birds bathe in water or saturate themselves with dust they are actively maintaining their plumage. In well-watered areas bathing is most common, in arid ones dusting is more often observed.

Why do birds swarm in circles?

some birds (of prey and vultures) circle like that in an updraft to gain altitude without much energy expended so they can then continue soaring around watching for food. Here is a study of the shapes that flocks of starlings assume under different conditions.

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