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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Murk?

To physically beat someone so severely, they end up dying from their injuries. To beat the living shit outta someone. To seriously whoop somebodys ass. Get a murk mug for your barber Abdul. You gotta leavem all murked befo u go! Get a murk mug for your fish Rihanna.

Who is Murk in Aquaman?

Murk is the captain of Ocean Master 's royal guard, the Men-of-War, and a supporting antagonist in the 2018 superhero film Aquaman . He was portrayed by Ludi Lin in his first villainous role.

Who is Murk in the last man on Earth?

He was portrayed by Ludi Lin in his first villainous role. King Orm Marius had sent Murk up to the surface to pay David Kane for his services in capturing a Russian Nuclear Submarine and staging an attack on Nereus and Orm.

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