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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terminal 2 of Mumbai airport?

Terminal 2 of Mumbai Airport was recently renovated to upgrade the aging infrastructure of the airport. The airport now offers all the comforts expected from a major international terminal, a large duty-free, food courts, lounges, airport hotels, and more. The architecture within the airport is stunning, too, making it a treat to walk through.

How to get from T2 to T1 in Mumbai?

Checking the terminal number on your tickets is vital if you have a domestic connection in Mumbai. If you do have to go from T2 to T1 (or vice-versa), it's important to take a longer layover. While five kilometers may not seem like much, Mumbai traffic can make this journey long. The only option to move between the terminals is to take a taxi.

What is the future of Mumbai airport?

Present & future. It is expected that Terminal 2 will be the only operating terminal in Mumbai Airport after the integration of Terminal 1 into Terminal 2. Transfer between terminals. In order to transfer between terminals, it comes necessary to use any of the available means of transport, since they are separated 5 kilometers from each other.

What are the problems at Mumbai airport?

Runway congestion is a big problem at Mumbai airport. Flights are often delayed 20-30 minutes because of this. Mumbai airport commonly causes confusion to travelers because both the international and domestic terminals, while being located in separate suburbs, are referred to as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

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