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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mumbai Airport Terminal 2?

This mammoth terminal is spread over 400,000 square meters and four floors and serves over 40 million passengers annually. Mumbai Airport Terminal 2 sees over 750 aircraft movements every day.

Where is the check-in area at Mumbai airport?

Budget airlines GoAir and IndiGo operate their domestic flights from Mumbai airport's domestic Terminal 1. Check-in is at Departures Gate 1 (Indigo) and Departures Gate 2 (GoAir) on the ground level. The arrivals area, including baggage claim and transport, is located in a separate concourse on the ground level.

What are the problems at Mumbai airport?

Runway congestion is a big problem at Mumbai airport. Flights are often delayed 20-30 minutes because of this. Mumbai airport commonly causes confusion to travelers because both the international and domestic terminals, while being located in separate suburbs, are referred to as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

How many planes fly in Mumbai airport every day?

Mumbai Airport Terminal 2 sees over 750 aircraft movements every day. The terminal also houses a massive public art programme called ‘Jaya He’ spread across a 3.2km multi-storey art wall with interesting art works from all corners of the country.

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