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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to login to use the MS Society Portal?

× You must login to use this site. Welcome to the MS Society Portal. This site is only for volunteers of the MS Society. Forgot password? If you would like to access the Portal, please contact Supporter Care or your local staff member.

How do I apply for MS Society funding?

To apply for MS Society funding or manage an existing grant please log-in to our online research grant portal. Please note that the Society no longer accepts paper or email based applications, all applications must be made using our online system.

Where is the UK Ms Register now?

And they’re now enrolling people with MS at hospitals in London, Southampton and Nottingham too. Linnetta was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2007 and she’s one of the longest-running participants in the UK MS Register. We spoke to Linnetta about how it's helped her and the importance of our Stop MS Appeal.

How common is Ms?

MS Prevalence. A new study funded by the National MS Society has confirmed that nearly one million people are living with MS in the United States, more than twice the original estimate from a previous study.

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