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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a walking mausoleum in Elden Ring?

Walking Mausoleum are special Locations in Elden Ring. Mausoleums appear as walking buildings with four legs and are found throughout the Lands Between, often with their signature bells attached. Players must attack the skull-like deposits on the structure while avoiding damage to get the mausoleum to become accessible.

What is the walking bell tower in thelands between?

Elden Ring’s The Lands Between is littered with numerous colossal creatures such as the Bell Turtle Walking Mausoleum. And while many of them will attack you immediately, the Walking Bell Tower will simply stride around with its gigantic steps.

How do you get to the walking Bell Turtle Tower in liurnia?

Once you remove the skulls from all four legs, the Walking Bell Turtle Tower Mausoleum will stop, make foundations out of its legs, and root itself in that place. Now you can safely climb and enter the Walking Bell Turtle Tower. The Bell Turtle Tower in Liurnia is a bit different compared to other walking mausoleums you’ll encounter.

Can You duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring?

Once you’re there, the Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums can be used to duplicate remembrances. If you’ve played the Souls series before, you’ll be very familiar with this concept: they’re boss souls.

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