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Frequently Asked Questions

What other movies and TV shows has Ritu Arya been in?

What other movies and TV shows has Ritu Arya been in? Ritu has starred in multiple TV shows, including ‘Dr Who’, ‘Humans’, ‘Feel Good’ (with Mae Martin) and Harlan Coben’s ‘The Stranger’ on Netflix.

Is the name Arya popular in the US?

In 2012, the name Arya became the fastest-rising baby girl's name in the U.S., jumping in popularity from 711th to the 413th position, largely due to the popularity of Williams' character "Arya Stark". The name maintained its popularity in 2019 its was ranked 92 in the U.S. and its variation Aria was listed at 20.

Who is Arya Stark in game of Thrones?

The character of Arya Stark is regarded as an anti heroine, a fan favourite and one of the central protagonists in the Game of Thrones fantasy epic. The character's story arc across the first six seasons encompasses severance, trauma, tragedy and revenge.

Did Arya Stark go to explore the west?

^ "Arya Stark Might Have Gone To Explore The West, But Maisie Williams Says "Goodbye" To Arya Stark in a LBD". British Vogue. Retrieved 3 April 2020. ^ 7 October 2020. "Reuben Selby On His New Line And Collaborating With Girlfriend Maisie Williams". Vogue. Retrieved 7 October 2020.

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