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Frequently Asked Questions

How does car starter motor work?

The starter motor of a car works by engaging with a gear found on the flywheel of the engine to start the combustion process. A starter motor and a starter solenoid comprise the starting system of a car. A car engine is started by turning it at some speed to suck in fuel and air into the cylinders for compression.

How does gear motor work?

How Gear Motors Work. A gear motor uses a gear train (a series of integrated gears) that is turned by a magnetic current caused by the rotation of the rotor and the shaft in the motor. The magnetic current can be created by permanent magnets or elctromagnets that only create current when the rotor is spinning.

How does a Honda Motor work?

Honda calls the generator a motor, hence two motors. Only the electric motor, fed by the generator, moves the car in Hybrid mode. Engine mode: The electric motor is decoupled, and the Accord's Atkinson cycle gasoline engine drives the wheels directly through a one-gear transmission.

How do electromagnets work in motors?

Electric motors use electromagnetic force to produce movement. Magnetic forces — attraction and repulsion — cause the electromagnet inside an electric motor to spin. Motors with metal brushes perform this function by creating opposite charges that attract and repel as the rotor changes polarity.

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