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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AAA offer motorcycle insurance?

The AAA clubs that do offer bike coverage typically provide the standard types of motorcycle insurance, including: Liability: This insurance covers property damage and bodily injuries for other parties in accidents you cause. Most states require a minimum amount of liability coverage.

Does AAA offer RV, boat or motorcycle insurance coverage?

Specialty Lines Insurance. Trust AAA for all your insurance needs while providing the same expert advice, competitive benefits and peace of mind. In addition to protecting your car, we can also cover your: Motorcycle; RV, motor home, and travel trailer; Boat, including powerboats, sport-fisher, sailboat and more; Trikes, snowmobiles and ATVs

Does your AAA membership Cover Your Motorcycle?

Yes, you can extend your AAA Classic Membership coverage to include your Motorcycle for an additional cost per household. Click here for more information and to add the coverage. The Motorcycle coverage is listed under RV coverage at the AAA Plus and AAA Premier Battery Membership Level. This coverage can be added at an additional cost per household.

Does AAA cover motorcycles?

Yes, motorcycles are covered under AAA RV. However, you won’t get the enhanced motorcycle benefits that are specific to AAA Motorcycle. How much money will I save on everyday motorcycle purchases? Most AAA benefits save you 10% off the chosen service. You can also earn AAA dollars that will apply to your next membership renewal.

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