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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mix different color antifreeze and coolant?

You should not mix any color antifreeze together. It is never a good idea despite it seeming like a quick way to save money. This is because even if green and orange antifreeze is usually universal, all the coolants are made with a different chemical composition.

Is there a clear colored antifreeze?

Yes, there is clear antifreeze and it is the recommended type for some Chrysler cars, including my 2007 Town and Country. One brand is Zerex GO-5, which I installed a couple months ago, after replacing a leaking intake manifold gasket that was causing some loss of coolant. See your owners manual for the carmaker’s specifications.

Can you use antifreeze as a coolant?

When you mix antifreeze with water it becomes coolant. But in the same way that chocolate syrup needs to be mixed with milk before it becomes chocolate milk, antifreeze is not coolant until you mix it with water. Point is, when you use antifreeze or coolant you are regulating the temperature of your engine.

What does the color of antifreeze mean?

the color of the engine coolant does not always indicate the type of engine coolant it contains.the color of engine coolant / antifreeze is often blue.antifreeze is a mixture of distilled water and a kind of alcohol that is used to keep vehicles from freezing.there are several types of polyols that can be employed, including ethylene glycol and …

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