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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Monrovia nurseries?

Monrovia connects humans to the finest of nature. At Monrovia nurseries, we grow the healthiest plants for you to create outdoor spaces. Monrovia plants will help your garden thrive for years to come. Our plants are nurtured with attention to every detail.

Where can I buy Monrovia plants?

Please keep in mind that each garden center offers a different selection of plants. Due to the seasonal nature of our product, not all plants are available in all regions at all times. Contact your local garden center for their specific availability of Monrovia plants.

Are Monrovia shrubs snow burned?

The nursery said to plant them and they'd "green up" or we could contact Monrovia. I emailed Monrovia as instructed. They emailed me back that the shrubs were NOT snow burned, just exhibiting their "winter foliage". Really?? My husband's family owned and operated a nursery for YEARS and he knew right away what the problem was.

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