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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Monrovia nurseries?

Monrovia connects humans to the finest of nature. At Monrovia nurseries, we grow the healthiest plants for you to create outdoor spaces. Monrovia plants will help your garden thrive for years to come. Our plants are nurtured with attention to every detail.

Is Salvia an annual or perennial?

A naturally compact and well-branched salvia with dark green leaves covered by masses of true blue flowers. A sturdy, vibrant, heat-loving plant that is excellent for use in a container or as a bedding plant. An herbaceous perennial in mild winter regions; treat as an annual elsewhere.

What is Salvia X sylvestris?

Salvia x sylvestris is often commonly called wood sage. The genus name Salvia comes from the Latin word salveo meaning to save or heal, in reference to the curative properties attributed to some plants in this genus.

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