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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I monitor a specific server in Prometheus?

Once it is up and running, point your browser at “<server_address>:9100/metrics” to see the metrics it is exposing. It isn’t really human readable, but that is the data Prometheus will collect. Add the following targets into the confirm, you may add more target if you want to monitor more server.

How to setup WMI exporter dashboard in Prometheus?

To setup a dashboard for the WMI Exporter metrics. It will ask us the id of the dashboard. The id to import the WMI exporter graph is 2129. Give a name for the dashboard and then choose the data source as Prometheus. and then click Import.

How to monitor Windows Server with WMI?

Windows Server monitoring is now active using the WMI exporter. If you remember correctly, Prometheus scrapes targets. As a consequence, we have to configure our Windows Server as a Prometheus target. This is done in Prometheus configuration file. As you probably saw from your web browser request, the WMI exporter exports a lot of metrics.

How do I know if my Prometheus installation was successful?

To verify it, head over to http://localhost:9090 (9090 being the default Prometheus port). You should see a Web Interface similar to this one. If this is the case, it means that your Prometheus installation was successful.

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