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Frequently Asked Questions

What are scheduled tasks in Windows?

Task Scheduler. The Task Scheduler is a tool included with Windows that allows predefined actions to be automatically executed whenever a certain set of conditions is met. For example, you can schedule a task to run a backup script every night, or to send you an email whenever a certain system event occurs.

Where is Task Scheduler located?

Here’s how to get there: Open the Control Panel. Open the Administrative Tools window. In Windows 7, look under System and Security. Open the Task Scheduler icon. If prompted, type the administrator’s password or click Continue. The Task Scheduler window appears. On the left side, select the top item, Task Scheduler (Local).

How do I schedule tasks in Windows 7?

Schedule a task in Windows 7. Follow these steps to create an automatic task to run on your computer: Open the start menu, and type "tasks" in the search field. When Windows 7 loads the results, click on the "Schedule tasks" link: Windows will open the Task Scheduler; click on the Action menu, and choose "Create Basic Task".

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