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Frequently Asked Questions

What is system monitor?

System Monitor allows you to monitor resources and performance of your Windows Phone. Keep track of your system resources: - basic phone information - amount of RAM - battery status - free storage space - networking information - ... More than 100 000 downloads! System Monitor.

What is Resource Monitor and how to use it?

Resource Monitor is a useful tool in Windows 10/8/7 that helps us find how much of resources are being put to use or used over time through a graphical representation. This way, it helps us check the performance counters of specific resource and decide a course of action to improve the performance. There are many ways via which you can launch ...

What are the best system monitoring tools?

1 Comparison Table Of The Best System Monitoring Tools 2 SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor 3 eG Innovations 4 Datadog 5 NinjaRMM 6 Site24x7 7 Sematext 8 PRTG Network Monitor 9 Zabbix 10 Spiceworks Network Monitor More items...

What are the features of a server monitoring system?

On the server hardware side, its sensors can monitor CPU load, memory, disk, server room environment, etc. On the applications side, it comes with more than 200 sensor types for common network services, including HTTP, SMTP/POP3 (email), FTP, etc.

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