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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you give feedback effectively?

Timperley and Hattie note that effective feedback is most often oriented around a specific achievement that students are (or should be) working toward. When giving feedback, it should be clear to students how the information they are receiving will help them progress toward their final goal. 4. Present Feedback Carefully

What is progress monitoring and why is it important?

Progress monitoring should provide formative feedback to the teacher, school, and district. Most importantly, the data should be used to help individual students make significant growth toward educational goals by redirecting instruction when needed. It is imperative to note that data collection does not equate to progress monitoring.

Is delayed feedback more effective than immediate feedback?

In one study that looked at delayed versus immediate feedback, the researchers found that participants who were given immediate feedback showed a significantly larger increase in performance than those who received delayed feedback.

When is developmental feedback appropriate?

When Developmental Feedback is appropriate  When used to help an employee monitor and correct his or her own behavior. Example of Developmental Feedback: “My expectation was that you would provide us with more details on the event budget.

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