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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of monitoring in public health?

Monitoring can be defined as the systematic collection of data about an indictor or variable of interest. Health monitoring is the process of tracking the health of a population and the health system that serves that population. Monitoring allows the assessment of trends in health and its determinants.

What is MONITOR Monitoring?

Monitoringis the regular collection and analysis of information to provide indicators of progress towards objectives. It includes monitoring inputs, activities, outputs and progress towards outcomes. Monitoring answers the question: What is going on?

What is the purpose of monitoring in project management?

Monitoring is a continuing function that uses systematic collection of data on specific indi- cators to provide the management and the main stakeholders of an ongoing intervention with indications of the extent of achievement of objectives and progress in the use of allocated funds. Indicators.

What is the difference between monitoring and depth monitoring?

Monitoring Evaluation Timing Monitoring is a continuing Evaluation assesses the function that takes place entire project cycle. throughout the implementation of a project/programme. Depth and Monitoring is a regular part Evaluation reviews the purpose of project or programme achievements of the project/ management.

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