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Frequently Asked Questions

What is monitoring and evaluations?

Introduction Carol Weiss as quoted by Khan (2012) defines Monitoring and evaluations as the systematic assessment and tracking of the operation and/or outcomes of a program or policy, compared to a set of explicit or implicit standards as a means of contributing to the improvement or adjustments of the program or policy.

What is program monitoring and why is it important?

Program Monitoring uses key indicators to measure performance of a program. The regularity and purposes of monitoring vary widely from program to program but generally include processes, information form management information systems, and assessments form performance measurements.

What is the purpose of monitormonitoring?

Monitoring therefore allows results, processes and experiences during the implementation stage to be systematically collected, processed and documented for use in decision-making, learning processes, change management and re-modelling/re-planning. Monitoring is as such assessing progress against plans,...

What is the meaning of monitoring in project management?

It is a process of routinely gathering information on all aspects of the project. To monitor is to check on how project activities are progressing. It is observation; ─ systematic and purposeful observation.

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