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Frequently Asked Questions

What is monitoring all about?

Monitoring is a periodically recurring task already beginning in the planning stage of a project or programme. Monitoring allows results, processes and experiences to be documented and used as a basis to steer decision-making and learning processes. Monitoring is checking progress against plans.

What does it mean to be monitored?

The definition of a monitor is someone who watches others and reminds them of proper conduct. An example of monitor is a proctor at a standardized test. Monitor is defined as to observe and/or regulate.

What is the meaning of monitoring?

monitoring (usually uncountable, plural monitorings) The act of listening, carrying out surveillance on, and/or recording the emissions of one's own or allied forces for the purpose of maintaining and improving procedural standards and security, or for reference, as applicable.

Why is monitoring and evaluation important?

Monitoring and evaluation is important because: it provides the only consolidated source of information showcasing project progress; it allows actors to learn from each other’s experiences, building on expertise and knowledge;

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