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Frequently Asked Questions

How monitoring and evaluation is done?

Steps Identify Program Goals and Objectives. The first step to creating an M&E plan is to identify the program goals and objectives. ... Define Indicators. Once the program's goals and objectives are defined, it is time to define indicators for tracking progress towards achieving those goals. Define Data Collection Methods and TImeline. ... More items...

What are the similarities between monitoring and evaluation?

The primary difference between monitoring and evaluation is that while monitoring is a continuous activity, performed at the functional level of management, evaluation is a periodic activity, performed at the business level. To get some more differences on these two, check out the article presented below.

What does a monitoring and evaluation officer do?

The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will have the following duties and responsibilities: •Monitor all project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project output; •Recommend further improvement of the logical frame work; •Develop monitoring and impact indicator for the project success;

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