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Frequently Asked Questions

What does meal involve?

A straightforward question that is difficult to answer given the complexities and constraints of the humanitarian operating environment. MEAL involves tracking the progress of programs, making adjustments and assessing the outcomes.

What are the standards for monitoring and evaluation in emergencies?

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning in Emergencies page 5 Standards for Monitoring and Evaluation in Emergencies Standards for monitoring and evaluation in emergencies: 1. Early monitoring systems are simple, use-oriented and flexible to accommodate change in context and activities.

What are the key features of a good monitoring tool?

The monitoring tools should ask specific closed-ended questions and include observation to verify knowledge acquisition and the level and type of change in behavior, as well as open-ended questions to generate in-depth feedback that could explain why use or satisfaction is low, for example, and how to improve the response.

What is the process for establishing a simple monitoring system?

The process for establishing a simple, use-oriented and flexible monitoring system during the first phase of a response can be summarized with four steps: 1. Count progress toward outputs; 2. Check the appropriateness and effectiveness of the response; 3. Change the response as needed based on findings; and 4.

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