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Frequently Asked Questions

How can logic models be used to plan and monitor program evaluations?

Logic models can help educators plan and monitor program evaluations. This introduction to logic models as a tool for designing program evaluations denes the major components of education programs—resources, activities, outputs, and short-, mid-, and long-term outcomes—and uses an example to demonstrate the relationships among them.

Why is logic model important in project management?

Programme Management: Because it "connects the dots" between resources, activities, and outcomes, a logic model can be the basis for developing a more detailed management plan. Using data collection and an evaluation plan, the logic model helps track and monitor operations to better manage results.

What is an LogLogic model?

Logic models are typically used in theory-based evaluation, which is designed to explicitly articulate the underlying theory of change which shapes a transformation programme. Put very simply, this is your theory of how you will achieve the desired outcomes and impacts through a series of activities.

What is a clear logic model?

A clear logic model illustrates the purpose and content of your program and makes it easier to develop meaningful evaluation questions from a variety of program vantage points: context, implementation and results (which includes outputs, outcomes, and impact).

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