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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of monitoring and evaluation?

Monitoring and evaluation usually include information on the cost of the programme being monitored or evaluated. This allows judging the benefits of a programme against its costs and identifying which intervention has the highest rate of return. Two tools are commonly used.

What is M&E in monitoring and evaluation?

Monitoring & Evaluation. M&E is an embedded concept and constitutive part of every project or programme design (“must be”). M&E is not an imposed control instrument by the donor or an optional accessory (“nice to have”) of any project or programme.

What do we measure during an evaluation?

During an evaluation, information from previous monitoring processes is used to understand the ways in which the project or programme developed and stimulated change. Monitoring focuses on the measurement of the following aspects of an intervention: On quantity and quality of the implemented activities (outputs: What do we do?

How do you calculate the cost of an evaluation?

Evaluation expenses are highly situational and there are no magic formulas for calculating costs. After developing the budget matrix to identify what needs to be costed, the next step is to calculate the costs of individual expenses and sum them to obtain the total cost of the evaluation.

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