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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some funny memes about Monday?

Funny Memes About Monday. Note that 1 – 80 are also funny. 81. When Monday morning and getting to work are realizations that you didn’t die in your sleep. 82. When you flip out at everyone at work, just know it is Monday. 83. When it is the first time that you go to work late in the week and it is also the first day of the week. 84.

What are some good memes to send to co-workers on Sunday?

Tomorrow is Monday, this is another excellent meme you can use to crack up your co-workers on Sunday evening. You can use this meme to send some good laugh to your co-worker. Oh, shit it’s Monday tomorrow. The reaction of your co-worker is always priceless when you send this unique meme to them; tomorrow is Monday, that is bullshit.

What to say to a co-worker that it’s Monday already?

Monday memes are coming, give your co-worker this fabulous meme showing and reminding her that it’s Monday already and see her reaction. It’s Monday already; this is another excellent meme you can send to your co-workerS if you want to put a smile on their faces. It’s Monday already, but it was Monday last week.

What do you say to someone on Monday?

16) Good morning Monday memes! “Good morning Monday.” “Happy Friday! Wait, sorry, it’s Monday.” “Happy Monday.” “Heading to work on a Monday.” 20) Funny Monday memes with a positive vibe. “Heads up, it’s Monday.” “Hello, Monday.”

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