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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moms for Liberty ignorant of Williamson County's candidates?

In Williamson County, Moms for Liberty members couldn’t claim ignorance of the beliefs of some of the candidates they and Steenman’s pac supported. Williamson Families donated a thousand dollars to the campaign of an ex-marine who was running for county commissioner, and who had publicly warned the school board, “In the past, you dealt with sheep.

Who are moms for Liberty?

When the women in T-shirts first showed up, Welch had never heard of Moms for Liberty, and he didn’t recognize its members. The group’s leader, Robin Steenman, was in her early forties, with shoulder-length blond hair; in coloring and build, she resembled Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Why did Moms for Liberty threaten legal action over radical leftist books?

The spokesman for the curriculum threatened possible legal action after a Moms for Liberty group posted images of the radical leftist books. A “Moms for Liberty” chapter in Williamson County, Tennessee was threatened with legal action after expressing concern over a critical race theory-spewing curriculum in public K-5 schools.

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