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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Moms for Liberty?

In reality, the group’s initial incorporation documents list her as a co-director. Moms for Liberty is run by Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice, two former school board members serving in neighboring Florida counties.

Is Moms for Liberty affiliated with the Heritage Foundation?

Moms for Liberty also appears to be affiliated with -- or at least a frequent promoter of -- the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing Koch-funded think tank with a history of attempting to influence public education.

How many moms for Liberty chapters are there?

The group was incorporated on January 1 and has since “grown to 135 chapters in 35 states, with 56,000 members and supporters, according to the organization’s founders,” per the Post. Moms for Liberty has county-specific chapters across the country that target local school board meetings, school board members, administrators, and teachers.

What happened to the Moms for Liberty comments on YouTube?

The rest of her comments are inaudible, drowned out by cheers from other parents at the meeting. The remarks were posted on the official Moms for Liberty YouTube page, along with a host of other videos of angry parents addressing their local school boards.

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