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Frequently Asked Questions

What do people in mobs do?

Typically, a small percentage of hardened criminal characters are found in mobs; they do have an important role in instigating the unbridled lawlessness and setting the vicious tone of its chaos. Alcohol is an important lubricant to fire-setting and other destructiveness for the sake of destroying.

What was the mobs intentions?

The book does not explicitly mention the mob's intention, but one can infer that the mob possibly intended to lynch Tom Robinson. The setting of the novel takes place during the early 1930's in Alabama. During this time period, lynchings were a commonplace event throughout the South.

What is the full form of mob?

This page you will learn all about MOB Full Form, abbreviation, Long Form, meaning and acronym of the term. MOB stands for - mobilization, 7 in Government There may be one or more meaning of MOB , so check all meanings of MOB in the MOB data table all one by one.

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