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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can be on a postseason roster?

From 2020, a postseason roster is allowed up to 26 active players (up from 25 through 2019), with a maximum of 13 pitchers (new for 2020); qualifying two-way players do not count against the limit on pitchers. Other players who are not on the 26-man active roster will be assigned to the postseason secondary squad.

How many pitchers are on a baseball roster?

From Sept. 1 through the end of the regular season, all clubs must carry 28 players. Clubs are not limited to how many pitchers they may carry on the 26-man roster, and clubs typically will roster 12 to 13 pitchers vs. 13 to 14 position players (for a total of 26 active players), though the breakdown varies from team to team throughout a season.

How much should the roster expand during the MLB season?

The franchises who were most willing to spend would expand the roster to 30, 32, 34, as needed as the month wore on. The teams most desperate for an arm, or a pinch-runner the last week of the season would do the same.

Why are minor league rosters expanding to 30-plus players?

One reason why rosters could expand to 30-plus players in the past was that the Minor League regular season traditionally ended on or around Labor Day. Because the Minor League season was pushed back to May this year, that is not the case, with schedules extending through September.

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