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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a button to the Mixed Reality toolkit?

Create an empty scene and choose "Mixed Reality Toolkit -> Configure..." Add a button, or an Inputfield, or anything to it and adjust it so you would see it in front of the camera @StephenHodgson you've answered the question 2 years ago, haven't you? What's the situation now? Sorry, something went wrong.

How do I test input interactions in mixed reality?

If you're using Unity, you can use Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity 's input simulation to test various types of input interactions such as hand-tracking and eye-tracking input. For Unreal projects, use the UX Tools plugin to test common input interactions and user experience features.

How do I get Started with mixed reality and MRTK?

If you're new to MRTK or Mixed Reality development in Unity, we recommend installing and exploring the MRTK Examples Hub sample application on your device or emulator. Once you've got the hang of what Mixed Reality and MRTK has to offer, install the necessary tools and follow our beginner level HoloLens 2 tutorial series.

How can I create mixed reality apps without a HoloLens?

You can install the HoloLens emulator to test some functionality of mixed reality apps without a HoloLens. You can also use the Windows Mixed Reality simulator to test your mixed reality apps for immersive headsets. We recommend installing either the Unity or Unreal game engine as the easiest way to get started creating mixed reality apps.

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