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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mixed reality toolkit-Unreal?

What is Mixed Reality Toolkit - Unreal? The Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unreal (MRTK-Unreal) is a set of components, in the form of plugins, samples and documentation, designed to help development of Mixed Reality applications using the Unreal Engine. In this repository you can find information about the current components of this toolkit.

What is the Windows Mixed Reality engine plugin for Unreal Engine?

The Windows Mixed Reality engine plugin (shipped with Unreal Engine) provides access to Windows Mixed Reality APIs and features, or the Microsoft OpenXR plugin (shipped on the Unreal Marketplace) which provides some additional functionality specific to Microsoft's Mixed Reality platforms.

What is mixed reality UX tools for HoloLens?

You'll learn how to use the Mixed Reality UX Tools open source library to create hand interactions and interactable objects in HoloLens experiences, as well as best practices and pitfalls to keep in mind when designing hand interactions for HoloLens. In this course, you’ll learn how to build user interfaces (UI) for HoloLens.

What are UX tools for Unreal Engine?

What are the UX Tools? UX Tools for Unreal Engine is a UE game plugin with code, blueprints and example assets created to help you add in features commonly needed when you're developing UX for Mixed Reality applications. NOTE: All OpenXR devices should be supported, although only HoloLens 2 and Windows Mixed Reality VR devices have been tested.

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